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Our content packages are the simplest way to always have fresh, unique tailored content on your company blog.

Our services

Dedicated Curator

Writing a single article is one thing. Having a well thought out theme running through the content on your blog, relevant to your company, is what brings users back to your site on a regular basis. Which is why we provide you with a dedicated curator.

Unique Content

All our professional copywriters are native English speakers and each have years of writing experience. Most have degree level qualifications or journalistic experience.

We've got the Talent

Finding the right person for the job can often be the hardest part. We've got a huge pool of talented writers and your dedicated curator will make sure the most appropriate writer is always selected.

Save Time

Thinking of an original topic, researching the topic, writing an article, proof reading and selecting striking images all takes a lot of time and effort which is why we offer to do it for you and allow you to focus on what's important to your company's success.

Blog Management

To make your life as easy as possible we can manage your blog for you, formatting and posting blog content on an agreed schedule. Or if you prefer, we will email you each completed article pre-formatted and ready to upload to your blog.

Professional Photography

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Low quality or generic images can do just as much damage, which is why we always provide striking & relevant professional photographs to help your content stand out.

Prose is architecture,
not interior decoration.

About us


We do what we love

We've been producing content for a very long time, 18 years to be precise and we know what it takes to produce relevant and engaging content time and again. We have a large in house team of writers as well as a sizable pool of self employed professional copywriters who we can call on whenever their particular area of expertise is required.

We all know a company blog which isn't kept up to date with fresh relevant content is wasting a huge opportunity to drive traffic to your website and engage with existing customers and staff.

As a company we take a different view to blog articles than most, high quality content is critical to a blog's success. We know from research that most readers will stop reading poor quality copy and we know that 5% of the content produced by companies receives 95% of the traffic.


So why on earth would you not invest in the best content available when you know everything else will go to waste?

This is why, rather than requiring you to come up with new ideas every week, we assign you a dedicated curator from our content team who will decide on relevant topics and themes for your blog to follow, based on discussions with yourselves. They'll then project manage the production of the articles and associated photography, before sending it to you for final approval. Any revisions you may desire are included free of charge. At no extra cost we can also post content to your blog on an agreed schedule if you'd like and you use one of the popular blog platforms like Wordpress, Blogger etc.

Our most popular plans

These are our most popular plans but our team of writers can cope with almost anything! If you'd like a custom package tailored to suit your needs just get in touch and we'll give you a quote straight away.


£199per month +VAT

  • A 600 word article every other week
  • A professional photograph to accompany each article
  • Professionally curated
  • Formatting and HTML markup


£349per month +VAT

  • A 600 word article every week
  • A professional photograph to accompany each article
  • Dedicated professional curator
  • Formatting and HTML markup


£649per month +VAT

  • Two 600 word articles every week
  • A professional photograph to accompany each article
  • Dedicated professional curator
  • Formatting and HTML markup


£1,299per month +VAT

  • Four 600 word articles every week
  • A professional photograph to accompany each article
  • Two dedicated professional curators
  • Formatting and HTML markup

Words are a lens to focus one's mind

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