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Is Content Writing Really Easy?

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The short answer is no- good content writing isn’t easy but if it was everyone would be doing it. That being said, there are ways in which you can make it easier, allowing you to produce more quality content in a shorter amount of time. The following guidelines aren’t magic tricks, they’re just straightforward tips for improving your content production skills- but they do work.


Consumers want to learn something
new so it’s imperative that content producers know what they’re talking about. Writers don’t always have the luxury of being experts within a specific field but this doesn’t matter, as long as you are an expert researcher. Research skills are invaluable when producing content, even if you are already knowledgeable in the chosen area. Read around the topic as much as possible and look into as many viewpoints as you can as this will give you a wider breadth of information to pull from.

There are many resources out there which can help with background information but try not to be cliché. Acquire enough information on the issue so that you can form your own opinion and use this within your writing. Consumers appreciate a strong voice.


It may seem obvious but when posing a question within your blog title, readers expect it to be answered. Some writers attempt to hook consumers in with a provocative title question but don’t go about providing a substantial answer. This can be dangerous as you may alienate your readers and lose their trust. In the same vein, try not to promise something you can’t deliver e.g. don’t base an article around ‘How to earn £5000 a month just from writing’ if you can’t back it up.

If you are writing about an open ended topic just be upfront and admit that there isn’t one specific answer. Readers appreciate personal opinions and honesty.


When writing content its useful to picture the person you are talking to. This isn’t just about demographics such as sex or age but more personal qualities such as hobbies, beliefs and occupation. Sometimes you may not know who exactly your audience are but this can become clear after a while. After you have produced a variety of pieces, look at the type of response you are receiving and you should be able to pin point patterns within your demographics.

Although it may seem hypocritical, it is also important to not limit yourself or your writing. Don’t be afraid to talk about something different which may not be typical for your audience, this will help you to stand out.


Voice is another important issue when producing content. The tone in which you write will dictate how your readers feel about you and the article itself. Some writers prefer to write in a more formal voice, whilst others would rather speak more casually as if talking to a friend. This is completely up to the writer but this shouldn’t be a limiting factor. You can change your voice in accordance with the piece you are completing. For example, a more formal voice can be used with issues such as news and affairs whilst you may utilise a more casual tone when talking about entertainment and technology.


With the rise in popularity of platforms such as YouTube, Vine and Instagram, consumers are looking for more varied content. This can mean producing an article which contains pictures, videos or GIFS, for example. Don’t feel obliged to do this with every blog but it can be useful to mix things up from time to time. You could also integrate social media within your articles, allowing readers to connect with their Facebook and Twitter accounts directly, which can also provide more exposure for your piece.